Line Your Glass with a Sheet of Ice

Here’s a new way to keep your mixed drinks really cold- with Iceliners. Instead of making an ice cube that goes inside your glass, this mold makes an ice cube that lines the glass. Ok technically it’s still in your glass but you get the point. It’s like drinking from an ice glass. Since the ice completely surrounds the drink, it gets cold fast and stays cold. Surface area! How does it work? Simply:
iceliners freezing
You place the IceLiner atop the glass and press around the rim for a tight fit. Pour water (or whatever) into the spout on top and water flows in between the IceLiner and the glass. Place your glass in the freezer and when it’s frozen remove the IceLiner and you have an ice-lined glass. You could prep multiple glasses ahead of time for a real “cool” time.
iceliner in use
IceLiners come in rocks and martini styles for endless possibilities. The kid comes with a mold and a glass so it will fit perfectly. It keeps cold for up to 30-45 minutes so your last sip will be just as cold as your first. You could even fill it up with fruit juices or other interesting flavored beverages for a unique treat. Neat product.