Zombie Apocalypse Guitar

Rock the undead and fight zombie hordes with this crazy custom guitar by Travis Stevens. This maple necked Strat style guitar has a distressed finish, bullet casings, a blood splattered pickguard, a grenade and zombies!

For the more guitar technical readers it also has: blocked tremolo, new active Seymour Duncan Blackout singles, shielded cavities, locking Fender tuners, mini toggle switch to activate jumpers on back of Middle and Bridge pickup (signal boost).

That’s some scary stuff. Yet another really cool custom made guitar from Travis (who also did the Lite Brite and Han Solo in Carbonite guitars). Kind of a Walking Dead homage there. But how does it sound? Let’s roll the videotape:

If you watch the video, he says that he’s going to sell the guitar. So we tracked down the eBay listing! (that link goes to ALL of his guitar listings). Starting bid if you want to buy this custom job is $749.