Gresso Cruiser Titanium White Luxury Phone

Gresso has released the Cruiser Titanium White, a luxury cell phone retailing for… are you sitting down? … a mere $3000. Which is actually a bargain compared to their $5000 model. So what does $3000 buy you? You get a phone milled from a solid titanium slab. It takes 7 hours to mill, then is hand-polished by a craftman for a few hours then hand polished again in a 3-stage process to get the mirror gloss.

Each of the buttons is made from stainless steel and hand polished. That’s a lot of hand polishing for something you’re going to be tossing around with your Lambo keys in your pocket. At least you don’t have to worry about all your friends going out and buying the same phone, this Gresso model is limited to just 999 phones. As for features- it’s a bit limited. Let’s face it, you’re not buying this for the features- it makes calls and costs a lot- that’s all you need to know.

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