Airmail Notepad Launcher

Just as fast as email and equally annoying, jot down a note and then send it flying with the Airmail Notepad Launcher. Send your notes flying up to 15 feet. Great for putting those bad ideas into the circular file- across the room. Fits standard Post-It size notes to refill it after lunch once you’ve launched all 500 included airmail ammo notes. Classic office warfare.

One thought on “Airmail Notepad Launcher

  1. Dear all,

    we just received an inquiry from our customer in Switzerland for the Air Mail Launcher you have in your catalogue.
    Could you please send us your offer for the following quantities:

    500 pcs
    1000 pcs
    1500 pcs

    Could you please include in your offer the transport/courier costs to Switzerland.

    In case you have any further questions please let us know.

    Looking forward to receiving your feedback.

    Thanks and best regards, Sylvia

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