Analyze This: Tokyoflash Rorschach E-Paper Watch

tokyoflash rorschach watch
We’ve all seen those Rorschach tests where you have to interpret what you see in a random inkblot. But what if that inkblot wasn’t so random? And what if it wasn’t an inkblot at all but e-paper? And it was a watch? You’d have something cool- the Tokyoflash Rorschach E-Paper Watch. The “inkblot” actually displays the time! There are 3 modes of difficulty you can set, depending on how tricky you want to make it to read the time. Here’s how:
tokyoflash rorschach watch how to read
Neat trick. You can also set the display to either positive or negative modes. There’s an alarm, and four different color choices for the case and either a leather or stainless strap. Besides the fashionable style, a really advanced feature is the ePaper display.
tokyoflash inkblog watch
ePaper is a low-power technology that only uses power when the display changes. Any part of the display that remains static uses no additional electricity once it’s set. So the display is only using power for about 1 second per minute while it changes minutes over. The watch even has a programmable “sleep” mode, which puts the display into an unchanging design for a set number of hours (say overnight while you sleep). A button push wakes it up. With sleep mode, the watch battery can last as long as 3 years.