Crochet Ellen DeGeneres

It’s famous talk show host and ice road trucker Ellen DeGeneres in the crochet form. Why Ellen? Why not? This amigurumi (or crocheted dolls), by amidorable crochet is actually a pretty uncanny resemblance to Ellen. That’s some excellent knitting crocheting (which is apparently not knitting at all-thanks Christine from Explorers in NZ). Closeup of her face:

Even if it wasn’t such a great looking doll, the good thing about doing a comedian is that if it doesn’t look just like them, then it’s “supposed to be funny”. Not a problem here. I like the little TV accessory too. Ok I’m rambling… so paging Portia de Rossi, buy this for your lady (except it’s not for sale, but come on- everything is for sale at the right price, right?) or Ellen, get this knitter..err crocheter- on your show for season 10.

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