Kick this Mushroom to Charge Your Cell Phone

Finally a marriage of green technology and violence! Bracketron has just announced the Mushroom Green Zero charger. Appropriately named, it looks a bit like the fun fungi. By there’s no fungus among us, as this is green technology. These GreenZero chargers automatically detect when your device is charged or not plugged in and shuts itself off, avoiding vampire electricity trickle- no power consumption when on standby. The cool part about the Mushroom charger is that you slap it or kick it to start the charging:

You probably don’t want to practice any MMA moves on that thing but it’s always fun to have things you allowed to give a good whack to. The compact Mushroom GreenZero has an integrated cable reel that makes it good for traveling and it comes in three different models- USB, microUSB and Apple 30 pin. You can preview it at CES next week and it will be available for purchase in March.

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