Heated Ice Scraper

Nine out of ten meteorologists will agree that Winter is coming very soon and with it colder weather (the other meteorologist is drunk at the bar with the 10th dentist who says it’s ok to chew gum). Scraping the ice off your car’s windshield is a necessary and cold task. But you can make it easier on yourself with a Heated Ice Scraper and Lock Deicer Set. The lock deicer will let you get into the car to begin with (very important, I’ve been told).

Once inside, plug in your heated ice scraper into your car’s 12v outlet and extend the 15 foot long cord out the door and start scraping with ice melting heat. The cord is long enough to reach around to all windows of most cars (unless you’re driving a stretch limo, in which case maybe your butler can just scrape the ice for you). A built-in white LED light helps you see what you’re doing when it’s dark out. Save time and stay warmer by making quick work of your ice-covered windshield.