Battery Powered Heated Butter Knife

This heated butter knife might just be the best thing since sliced bread. And if you happen to have some sliced bread, it will be much easier to spread the butter with a tiny battery powered heater inside your butter knife. British baker Warburtons has invented the Toastie, solving one of the world’s most pressing issues- spreading butter with less difficulty. Press the button, the knife heats up and in 30 seconds you are spreading like the town tramp on prom night.

Are there 50 other easier low-tech ways to make butter easier to spread starting with just running your knife under hot water for 30 seconds or taking the butter out a few minutes early? Yes. So in summary- this is complete overkill…and we like it. Now we’ll just wait for it to go from prototype to infomercial product.

(via daily mail) (thanks Raj)