Batman Full Image Zip-Up Hoodie Doubles as a Mask

The Batman Full Image Zip Up Hoodie has to be one of the craziest hoodie sweatshirts I’ve ever seen. It’s totally covered in a Batman image, even the hood. You can pull the hood up and zip the hood ALL THE WAY UP. There are two mesh eye holes so you can see right through the hood. You can see through the mesh, but people staring at you can’t see you through it. And trust me, if you wear this people WILL be staring at you.

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9 thoughts on “Batman Full Image Zip-Up Hoodie Doubles as a Mask

  1. Does anyone know if there is any place else selling these, or if it’s up somewhere on eBay or something? Superhero Stuff sold out of them, and according to their FAQ, once an item sells out, it usually never comes back. If anyone knows of somewhere online that’s still selling it, please post on here.

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find them for sale anyplace else, even eBay. I’ll update the post if I do find them.

  3. How can I purchase the Batman Full Image Zip Up Hoodie??
    or do they still make it any more???Thanks,Ronald….

    1. i just looked again recently and i can’t find them ANYWHERE. i left the link live in case that store ever decides to stock them again but it seems unlikely at this point.

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