Poo-Pourri and Trap-a-Crap

There are many strategies for keeping a fresh scent in the bathroom while you do your business- you can light a match or candle, use an airborne disinfectant spray, courtesy flush, turn on the ventilation fan, cordon off the area with caution tape, or open a window. Most of these will simply combine a good smell with the bad smell into a weird smell that makes you sniff twice because you’re not sure what it is that you smell and then you realize what it is and it’s too late. Or in the case of the window open, you’re simply pushing the smell out under the door into the next room. Gross. There’s a new, better way with Poo-Pourri and Trap-a-Crap.

These two products come in a variety of lovely scents such as blood orange, lemongrass, bergamot, and grapefruit. What you do is spray a few spritzes of these all-natural blend of essential oils into the toilet before you take your seat on the throne. The products then create a barrier atop the water that prevents odors from escaping.

How well does it work? It has an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee from the manufacturer. Plus who wouldn’t want to have a product called “trap-a-crap” on display in their bathroom? Ideal for college roommates sharing bathrooms too.

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