Miniature Atari 810 on a Scale Model Disk Drive

Remember Atari computers? They used to come with big ol’ floppy disk drives to load up software with on 5.25″ floppies- just like every other computer of it’s day. But the Atari one had a distinctive color and shape. One crafty modder named Rossum decided to make a scale model usable with today’s technology. He built a super-mini working Atari 810 on a tiny model drive that takes 8Gig microSD cards with a microcontroller. Compare this in size to the original drive:

The coolest part is that there’s a working Atari emulator on there to really use it like the original in a much smaller package. The original held only 90k per disk. The 8gb version holds 90,000 times that much data in a space 1/6000th the size. Progress! (via hacked gadgets)