Light-up LED Skateboards

Skateboarding is not a crime. But it would be a crime not mention these uber boss light-up LED skateboards. That’s right I said boss. The Clear29 LT longboard LED skateboard is made of a clear polycarbonate and has 9V battery powered LED lights right on the board.

It looks like you’re hovering on a UFO. A UFO that falls over and over again every time the person riding it tries to ollie over a 6 inch curb. But you’ll get it one day soon I’m sure. Till then, keep on shredding. Maybe with this board you can call yourself “Tony Nighthawk” since you can ride at night. At least you’ll have a good name even if you don’t have the skills to pay the bills.

Action video you say? Sure:

Pick up a board for $195 at Gadgets and Gear.

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