Skateboard Chair Rolls On

The wheels on most office chairs kinda suck, right? Skateboard wheels are the best- just one of the reasons they are used by many filmmakers as a cheap dolly. Anywhichwaybutloose, Japan based Rollingfoot (JP) has created the Isukebo, a skateboard chair.

It’s kind of minimal and the plywood skateboard should give a comfortable flex for your tush. They’ve got a few different designs for $650 each if you live in Japan or are willing to move to Japan to receive delivery on a skateboard chair before moving back to where you came from originally (a totally sensible plan if you asked me).

But how do they roll? Let’s watch the brief action video:

Coolio. I could totally ollie off a curb on that thing. So the Japanese’s take on skateboard chair is clearly more refined and business-like (at least in looks, maybe not so much in rolling action) than France’s playful take on the skateboard chair which we covered last month. I guess it’s your move America- whatcha got?

via crunchgear

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