Thermochromic Glux Putty Changes Colors

We’ve all seen silly putty before, the shape stretching, bouncing, tearable newsprint imprinting magic goo. Now it just got a whole lot geekier with Thermochromic Glux Putty, a heat sensitive color changing putty. When you touch it the color changes from bright yellow to orange depending on how warm your hands are. It’s a whole new world of putty out there, this is the putty game-changer.

Everything. is. different.

Whatever you thought you knew about putty before, you can now stash away that outdated putty knowledge in a tiny putty lockbox of shame because this is the new putty reality you must accept. Thermochromatic Glux. Say it five times fast. Teach it to your kids, they will need to know it if they ever want to survive in this crazy world. Live it, learn it, know it.