Build an X-Wing Fighter from Desk Supplies

It’s Friday and you’re probably sitting at your desk at the point where you pretend to do work while you waste time until it’s time to leave (you’re on Craziest Gadgets right now, right?) Why not take some of those useless office supplies you have lying around and build this awesome Star Wars X-Wing Fighter? Here’s what you’ll need:

Materials list: 1 chisel sharpie, 4 pen lids, 1 small pencil sharpener, 4 2″ brass fasteners, 2 medium binder clips, 2 large binder clips, 1 defunct memory chip or similar, 1 strip of staples (not pictured), epoxy or hot glue (hot glue works a LOT better), poster putty. Follow the simple steps in the Instructable and now you have a neat little spaceship that will be envy of the IT Dept.

(via mikewang twitter)