Finger Nose Stylus

Navigating your touchscreen device can be tricky if you want to use one hand to hold it and the other hand to do something else (like eat or hold a cup, what were you thinking?) Well if you had Dominic Wilcox’s Finger Nose Stylus you could keep one hand free and use your nose to navigate. It’s simply a touchscreen stylus set into a plaster nose that straps onto your face but it’s a whole new world of browsing. A world in which you probably shouldn’t be seen in public.

(via gizmodo)

One thought on “Finger Nose Stylus

  1. LOL! This post cracked me up. I wonder what the inventor was thinking. It’s more like a complicated task to use that stylus nose anyway. But, it’s definitely interesting to see that someone tried something different in a really weird way.

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