FireHero: Flame Shooting Guitar Hero

Chris Marion like playing with fire. In this case quite literally. He has taken it upon himself to create a flaming candelabra of sorts that is hooked up to a guitar hero controller. He used a microcontroller hooked up to a Guitar Hero guitar which is then programmed to control solenoid valves in the five flamed propane poofer. There’s four propane tanks and a large “collector” tank used in the setup:

Here’s a closeup of the valves. If you’re big into valves you should know that there’s a ball valve and a needle valve to control the flame’s height:

When a note is strummed on the guitar, flames shoot up into the air impressively. Yeah there’s video, thanks for asking:

Amazingly this only took a week to build. More amazingly, he did it without burning down the entire neighborhood. Bravo, Chris.

(via hackaday)

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