Hannah Montana Guitar Hero Plug n Play Type Video Game

Since they haven’t come out with Hannah Montana Guitar Hero or Rockband just yet, this is good as it gets for now. Hannah Montana Guitar Video Game is plug n’ play, no need for an expensive Wii or XBox console- just plug it directly into your TV. Play along to 10 licensed Hannah Montana hits with your customizable guitar as you jam your way across the country, building skills, points and new fans along the way. You can play solo or take turns playing head to head. It may not be Guitar Hero but for $18 your kid can definitely have fun and rock out with it.

5 thoughts on “Hannah Montana Guitar Hero Plug n Play Type Video Game

  1. Yo Lin u Seriously cn nt spell i think u need 2 go 2 skool n lurn sum more

    oh 1 more thing dis is hw u spell G.U.I.T.A.R

    IF I were u i wuld lurn more coz wen ur older n u hve 2 spell guitar n u dn’t knw hw 2 spell u wuld b gutted if u spelt it rong

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