Funnel-It Quick Bottle Transfer

I have many childhood memories of growing up during the Great Depression when my father would come home in his Edsel after working out in the barren fields of the Dust Bowl and then spend hours at home precariously balancing one ketchup bottle on top of another to get the last drops out of the old one, thus saving as much as three to five cents, which was enough money to buy a whole steak in those days. Then I would refuse to eat any ketchup until all the old ketchup on top was sufficiently used up which was just as well since ketchup shouldn’t really go on steak anyway.

Well if my dad had a Funnel-It back in those days we could have spent time building television rabbit ear antennas out of tin foil and watching the Facts of Life instead of pouring ketchup. Funnel-It is specifically designed to balance a bottle on top of another bottle while funneling the contents out. Perfect for condiments, shampoos, lotions, auto fluids, and other liquids. $3.98 at Taylor Gifts and it will save your marriage and your relationship with your kids.

Update- smarter version now available (yes funnels can be smart…I guess)