Kitchen Laptop Stand

If you like to use your laptop to look up recipes or watch food preparation videos and then end up making a mess all over your kitchen, then you need a Kitchen Laptop Stand. The Internet can be a super handy tool for finding great recipes but sticky fingers, smoke from the stove, airborne flour and spices, food splatters, and flying liquids make for a less than ideal kitchen web browsing experience. This clear plastic laptop stand holds your laptop in place at a propped up angle while protecting it from all the hazards of your kitchen.

It can even go from high tech to low tech by holding and protecting your cookbooks (or romance novels if you prefer to cook that way, raaaoar) instead. Looks like it would fit an iPad too.

thanks to superfan jason for the tip

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Laptop Stand

  1. This laptop stand is so functional! I am watching the cooking shows on the internet and cooking videos in the kitchen. I need to keep my laptop safe from splatters! This will do the trick!

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