Insanely Awesome Real Life Candyland Garden

Best. Garden. Ever. One Seattle area gardener who goes by Kan-Dee Corner, inspired by the classic Candyland Board Game (shown above) has taken it upon herself to create the ultimate real life replica in a 64 by 54 foot plot. An overhead shot is above, here’s the original game for reference:

There are 17 micro garden areas within the overall Candyland garden and each matches the board game areas (Hearts, Gingerbread, Peppermint, Chocolate, etc) to some degree- sight, scent, or taste.

The path alone is 250 feet long, winding through the garden. The shed was made by a neighbor.

She planted over 3,000 spring/summer bulbs to get the color effect.

To make the path required 8 tons of gravel topped by 4 tons of crushed colored glass (cullet).

The whole garden took 7 months to create (with a short break in the Winter) and result is awesome. I want to visit and play a real life sized game of Candyland. This video gives you a real clear view of the size and color of the garden:

more info at Craftster

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  1. Wish I had the talent to create something this awesome! My gardening skills are not good, but I keep trying.

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