Turntable Shaped Like a Piano

The turntable might be a slightly outdated method of playing your music (insert audiophile rant about higher quality analog sound here) so most record players being created these days are for the high end market. The Horo WJE168 is no exception. Each of these custom built turntables sells for over $40,000 and is designed to look like a miniature grand piano. Designed by Luigi Pasqualini, these stunning turntables have been sold to such luminaries as famed tenor Andrea Bocelli (who dedicated an entire room in his house to Horo, which is crazy, but the guy is blind and super rich so we’ll give him a pass). The WJE168 is named after jazz pianist Bill Evans (his initials and birth date) which for me gives it that little oomph that changes this from an “add to wishlist” item to “add to cart”.

via dvice