Ferris Wheel Storage for a Kid’s Room

Parents have been trying tricks for years to get their kids to clean up their rooms (basketball hoop laundry basket anyone?) but sometimes to get the job done you have to go big. And go big and extreme is exactly what designer Kate Dixon did for her kid with this amazing ferris wheel of storage as part of a whole circus themed room.

It looks great but the only problem I could see is that if you put it in certain kid’s rooms (I’m looking at you Janet and Scott’s kids..hahahalolz sorry guys) the kids would put something a little bit more valuable in the ferris wheel and take it for a ride- like their little brother. Plus she spent $4800 on it, although some would probably say it’s well worth it (if so, contact Kate to design a room for your kid!).

via desire to inspire

2 thoughts on “Ferris Wheel Storage for a Kid’s Room

  1. Beautiful, but I’m surprised that none of the comments on “design to inspire” mention how dangerous the whole thing seems! The ferris wheel alone seems like a dozen injuries waiting to happen, and there’s no shortage of hard corners and easily-splintered wood. It is lovely, though.

  2. Honestly, you can’t hoist anything more heavy than a couple of dolls up that thing unless you’re seriously strong. Try to wheel something upwards without any handle. It’s virtually impossible unless it’s very light things in the baskets. Second, hard corners and splinters? Don’t you guys have furniture in your home? I don’t see how this would be any worse than most other furniture in a home. And splinters, well sand the wood. That goes for adult furniture as well. Sheesh.

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