This is the PSP Phone (Knockoff)

Since Sony has been dragging their feet on making a PSP phone (hinting that it’s coming, then not, then yes, maybe.. who knows?) a Chinese company has gone ahead and created their own knockoff version. Specs are still sketchy on this one as the manufacturing company has simply said “it’s coming” but that’s a firmer commitment to the PSP phone than Sony has given. Note the two phone keys on the left side and the camera on the back.

I’m not technically sure this is even considered a knockoff since there’s no real product to knockoff. I’m going to rebrand this right now as a “copyright infringing mass produced mod”. You know if Ben Heck made this he would be anointed god of the mods (oh wait, he already is). Well at least SOMEBODY is working on a PSP phone because people are certainly clamoring for it.

m8cool (cn) via cloned in china