Crayola Crayon Rockets Launched

Most people see a box of crayons and think of kid’s art projects. Others, like John Coker think, “hey let’s build giant crayon looking rockets and launch them”. And launch them he did. John built a set of 8 giant rockets and set them off in the Nevada desert.

Only half of the rockets properly launched but those that did reached nearly 3000 feet up. Surprisingly light, they weighed about a pound each. Talk about some burnt sienna! (I know, I know, lame attempt at working in a burnt sienna reference but it’s better than a raw umber reference I guess).

via neatorama

3 thoughts on “Crayola Crayon Rockets Launched

  1. Cute. Do you need FAA clearance for launching something that flies that high off the ground? I suppose that in the desert you are not in the flight path of anything important.

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