USB Monkey Webcam and Pen Holder

Mooooonkkeeeeeeey! Look at this lovable monkey webcam with matching furry pen holder. This little $25 webcam can capture resolution up to 800 x 600 and hold your pencils. The pencil cup says “happy every day” and who wouldn’t be if they had an adorable monkey webcam?

$25 at usbgeek via geekalerts

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  • […] With a resolution of 800×600 pixels, the webcam will serve your basic Skype needs, even though I’m sure that’s not this gadget’s most useful trait. I could use a little bit of “Happy every day!” in my life as long as it makes me forget about the other monkey who managed to leave the country with a $1 trillion deficit. Still the monkey-webcam’s adorable smile/pencil holder/webcam combination for $25 propels the product into “lets-buy-it-for-kicks” territory, even though you know you really don’t need it. [USB Geek via Craziest Gadgets] […]

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