Clip On 7 Port USB Hub Keeps on Clipping On

It’s a seven port USB hub and it clips on to your desk. Why would you need one that clips onto your desk you might ask? Beats me. Why do you need 7 different USB items plugged in at once? Just one of those great mysteries of life I guess. I’ll put my buddies Mulder and Skully on it, they’ll get to the bottom of this mystery.

7 port usb clip on hub

4 thoughts on “Clip On 7 Port USB Hub Keeps on Clipping On

  1. I’m staring at two of them on my desk. Both powered. I’ve got three USB external laptop drives, so that’s six ports right there, a Palm TX, a Nokia 6650, a wireless adapter, a BlueTooth adapter and various flash drives/adapters that I can plug in. That doesn’t include my keyboard and trackball which plug into the back of the computer.

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