USB Super 16 Port Hub

Sure we may have covered larger USB hubs before, like this 49 port monstrosity, but none that were really meant for the consumer market like this new 16 Port USB Hub. Computers today usually come with only 2 or 3 USB ports which isn’t even enough for all the gadgets I’m carrying in my pockets right now (iPhone, iPod Nano, digital camera, usb flash drive, external hard drive, usb humping dog). The hub is pretty compact considering you can plug 16 devices in at once. Let’s take a look at this baby in profile view… ain’t she a beauty?

It’s designed so that 2 PCs can connect to the hub and share the sources (but not at the same time). It has a built-in 22.5W power supply which is robust enough that an extra AC adapter is not needed. It would definitely be very convenient to have all of your USB gadgets plugged in at once plus it avoids the potential of you accidentally unplugging a device while it’s in use. That convenience will however cost you $159.

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