Review: iDox Traveler iPod Case and Stand

The fine folks at iDox sent us their travel iPhone case to test out and review. The concept of the case is quite simple yet somewhat ingenious- it’s a folding hard case that protects your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Nano when closed and when open it works as a stand.
The Traveler series case is ideal for using on a nightstand as an alarm clock or on a plane, train, or even a boat to watch videos, read e-books, or surf the web. Definitely much easier than having to hold the iPod the entire time or prop it up awkwardly with something. The hard plastic is tough yet lightweight and leaves the ports at the top and bottom exposed for you to plug in your headphones or power cords. It’s slim enough to throw in your bag while traveling but a bit too bulky to fit in your pocket, as you would expect. The volume controls are covered by the case but you can always use the onscreen volume controls. Rubber feet keep it firmly in place.
Overall the case feels very solid for it’s light weight- it is a little bit difficult to both open and to remove the iPod but you know that this way it’s not going to accidentally pop open while in your bag. The styling is very sleek and it comes in 3 color choices- platinum, black, or pink. As the name would imply this is an ideal case for a traveler- the ability to prop up your iPod for viewing and then quickly fold it away into a case gives the iDox a huge advantage over a simple case. It costs $24.95 for the Nano version and $34.95 for the iPhone/iPod Touch version and is available at iDox’s site. We would recommend this for travelers who like to watch videos on their iPods.