Sweet Wall Mounted Fireplace

wall mounted fireplace
Sweet fireplace! Now that the seasons are turning colder here, our thoughts turn to keeping warm. Unnecessary intro about coldness? Check. So yeah, they’re claiming this is the world’s only spherical wall mounted fireplace. I’m not about to Google this find out if that’s true or now, but it’s on the Internet so it must be true.

It’s made by Vauni, is called the Cupola, comes in white or black, is made of lightweight aluminum, burns bio-ethanol, and costs $2700. Did I miss any deets? Oh yeah, it’s really freakin’ cool! My dream house (cue the Barbie/Ken jokes now) has a round room with like 12 of these fireplaces surrounding the entire room. Also the floor is a ball pit and the TV is on the ceiling.

via born rich

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