A Cloak of Many Colors…of Nerd Patches

nerd cloak1
Holy nerd cloak Batman! We’re looking here at a badge covered cloak. Not just any standard cloak, this one is specifically made in the Klingon cloak pattern. And, just like all the items of clothing in my own closet, it’s got a name: “Fantastique: Badge Cloak #1”. Yep, more to come apparently since there’s no room on this one for more patches. Those badges on the cloak? Why those are hundreds of hand made Science Fiction, Fantasy and other genre mission patches, logos, nametags and insignia.
nerd cloak2
Extreme geekery here. Yeah, he’s wearing it while gardening. We’ve got our own Jacob and the Technicolor Nerdcoat.

Rob on Flickr via dinosaurs and robots

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