Beer Goddess is World’s Largest Beer Glass

New York City’s mini chain of microbreweries Heartland Brewery has just introduced the Beer Goddess which they are dubbing “The Largest Glass of Beer Commercially Available” (an application to the Guinness World Record folks is pending!). This Pilsner glass can hold three liters of beer, which is 6.3 pints, 101.4 ounces or 8.5 cans worth of brew. They are making 100 glasses for use in their NYC restaurants and it will cost for $49 to get it filled with your choice of four beers (you don’t get to keep the glass). I imagine it takes at least 2 bartenders to fill that thing up, so tip well! This brings all new meaning to hanging out with your buddies and then telling your wife, “honey I’ll be home soon- just going to order one more beer and then leave”.

via Gothamist