Alien LED Jumper Cables

alien led jumper cables
Having your car battery die is just the worst, isn’t it? You’ve got to flag down another car, hope that one of you has jumper cables and then hook up a pair of wires directly to a live battery. I hate when that happens to my limo and my driver has to go through all that. I usually just call in my butler to pick me up in the Bentley instead of waiting for the limo to get jumped.

So yeah, they’re calling this an Alien LED Jumper Cable, but really it looks more like a snake to me. Either way, it does have an integrated LED light right on it so that you can see what the heck you’re doing in the dark (breakdowns always seem to happen in the dark, right? and usually when it’s raining too). The LED light is internally powered by it’s own battery of course. For something that’s going to be thrown in the bottom of your trunk and you’ll probably only see once or never in your life, this is a pretty nice looking automotive accessory.

via nerd approved