Klaps Stool Encourages You to Horde

klaps stool2
The Klaps stool encourages hording of magazines. See without magazines, this stool is nothing but a pile of lumber and some straps. Once you start adding in a stack of magazines, the Klaps is all ready to actually become a stool. You put the magazines in between the oak wood pieces and tighten up the straps.
klaps stool1
Now you can sit down and read a magazine. Just make sure you leave at least one outside the stool, otherwise you’ll have to bend over like a pretzel to read- not fun. And remember this stool is just like your Middle School guidance councilor told you- the higher you get, the less reading you’re doing. Or something like that. Just say no to eggs in frying pans. I’m paraphrasing there. So remember to read and keep your feet on the floor.

via designboom