Darwinism FTW: Mario Evolution Wall Clock

mario evolution clock
You can say whatever you want about “intelligent design” and argue against Darwin’s theory of evolution but this wall clock clearly proves using the Mario hypothesis that evolution is real. Mario has evolved from a small pixelated plumber with limited range of motions and expressions to a highly evolved “super” plumber capable of a full range of 3D articulated motion within his “galaxy”. Mario has adapted to a wide range of environments and can now be found in a variety of climates and locales and is now capable of doing things and a using objects in a way that his earlier un-evolved sewer dwelling and hammer using self could not even imagine.

The Evolution of Mario Wall Clock features 12 pictures of the famed video game here and measures 10 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches. It uses a single AA battery and costs $30.

etsy via geeky gadgets