Grocery Getter Bicycle Converts from Bike to Shopping Cart

grocery getter1
David Mahan took a fixed gear commuter bicycle and converted it into the ultimate human powered grocery store vehicle. He basically chopped it in half and added a giant basket in the middle of the bike in which to carry his food back from the market. But the best part is that the back part of the cargo bicycle with the seat and pedals actually DETACHES from the rest, converting it into a defacto shopping cart (shopping trolley for my UK readers):
grocery getter2
Genius idea that’s actually green and eco-friendly on multiple levels because he doesn’t even need to use any bags for his groceries, just have the supermarket checkout clerk put them right into his bin. Also by keeping the load at the bottom of the bicycle and in the center, it eliminates a major problem with transporting heavy items by bike- namely keeping the center of balance so you’re not tipping over or otherwise unwieldy.

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