David Byrne Designs Some Crazy Bicycle Racks

Once in a lifetime someone designs a bike rack so unique. Former Talking Heads frontman and multitalented genius David Byrne has come up with some amazing bicycle rack designs for his hometown of New York City. And amazingly, the city’s Dept. of Transportation agreed to install them! Each rack is themed for a specific area of the city where it was installed: a high heel shoe for the Ladies Mile shopping area, a dollar sign for Wall St., a naked lady silhouette for Times Square, a guitar for indie rock hipster Williamsburg, a car for near the Lincoln Tunnel. The bicycle racks will be in place for one year. More pics after the jump:

Photos credits: NYC DOT & David Byrne!!

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  • […] Byrne’s voice is ever-earnest and never didactic. There’s a plainness and honesty to his delivery that often seems in direct contrast with the content of his message. And this is the key to the book’s success–and perhaps, more generally speaking, Byrne’s career–this ability to see, to suspend the biases and blocks and filters that too often mediate our perception, and to actually see what is actually around us. From his earliest days in the Talking Heads, Byrne displayed an uncanny knack for turning his eyes on his own culture like an alien ethnographer, yet he always did it with empathy and engagement, and never with smack of clinical remove that might otherwise characterize such a project. In Bicycle Diaries, Byrne approaches America’s reliance on roads and oil and cars with an admirable pragmatism. Where some might scold (and, implicitly, ride a high horse), Byrne is always positive, pointing out the numerous advantages of returning to a community-oriented way of life, with bicycling as a simple and efficient means of getting around in lieu of the cars–and attendant urban/suburban/exurban sprawl–that keep us separated. Byrne also suggests a number of ways that communities and cities can work toward making bicycling a more viable option for their citizens. He even provides a few fun bicycle rack designs for his hometown New York (and yes, they got made). […]

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