British Red Telephone Booth Shaped Cell Phone

Cheerio! I love those classic red styled telephone booths from the UK (or as they call them over there “telephone boxes”). Apparently they are getting to be as rare as telephone booths are here in the US (which mostly serve as advertising billboards and urinals these days anyway). But if you’re living across the pond (or as they say over there “not across the pond”), you can pick up your own red telephone booth with this “London Calling” cellphone shaped just like one.
For a novelty mobile phone it has some decent specs with a TFT screen, SMS and MMS messaging, polyphonic ringtones and GPRS connectivity. Plus it has 15 iconic images of the country and the pre-loaded ringtones like Rule Britannia and God Save The Queen. I like it. Neato.

red telephone box via retro to go

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