MicroFridge Combines the Microwave and Refrigerator with a Gadget Charger

The MicroFridge just might be the ultimate dorm accessory and is definitely an ideal kitchen appliance for small living quarters. While it might just look like a microwave sitting on top of a refrigerator, the MicroFridge is in fact a single unit. The device uses “Safe Plug” technology which allows the owners of these appliances to plug both in using ony a single electrical socket. The refrigerator unit has a special blue plug that goes into the microwave and then the microwave plugs into the wall, saving valuable outlet space. On top of that there are two outlets located on the front of the microwave itself:
You can plug in any your cellphone, laptop, iPod or anything you want to charge or power. Yes this is a fridge that charges your gadgets! To ensure that you don’t blow your circuits out, when you are using the microwave, the fridge and power charging station temporary shut off. Unlike most mini-fridges on the market, the MicroFridge has a completely separate freezer compartment that can store items at zero degrees. Prices vary from $345 to $719, as they offer a full range of sizes to suit your needs.

via coolest-gadgets

3 thoughts on “MicroFridge Combines the Microwave and Refrigerator with a Gadget Charger

  1. Is it just me or does this feel very industrial? I love the concept but couldn’t they have made it a bit better looking?

  2. I agree with you Heidi, it doesn’t look that great…..but considering the target market,people looking for an appliance which can provide optimisation of space it might be a just the right thing for a dorm…I love the idea of the gadget charger

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