20 Unusual Yellow Submarine Items: Beatles

Here are 20 of the most unique and unusual Beatles “Yellow Submarine” items ever made. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the 1968 animated feature film from a unknown band from England called The Beatles. All together now: “we all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine….”

It’s the Beatles Yellow Submarine Silicone Ice Cube Tray. Just add a little yellow food coloring to your water and you’d actually be making yellow submarine ice cubes. Hot stuff..err cold I mean!

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Bottle Opener is made of chrome (not yellow, obviously), this will really get your party going. One of the cooler bottle openers I’ve seen.

The blue squeezies hand was one of the more unusual iconic images from Yellow Submarine and this 2.5 inch Squeezies Blue Hand Keychain doesn’t disappoint.

We’ve all seen Russian nesting dolls before (matryoshka dolls) but how about Yellow Sub Nesting Dolls?!!!! Look at the little sea animal figurines of John, Paul, George, and Ringo all of which fit into one another and all into the yellow submarine. The walrus is Paul, natch. The most awesomest set of nesting dolls I’ve ever seen, hands down.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Wonder Wands are filled with glitter and have a floating yellow submarine inside it. And we all know who’s inside that sub!

Set sail over the Sea of Green with The Beatles Yellow Submarine Cookie Cutter. All you need is love…and cookies!

Even your bathroom is not immune from the Fab Four. How about a Yellow Submarine Toilet Seat and Tank Cover?

It’s a yellow submarine children’s Activity Table. Children guide the beads along the wires, through the submarine, and dive below the waters to discover colorful reefs, exotic fish, and sea creatures. A wonderful activity table that will keep kids entertained and stimulate every child’s imagination!

One of a kind hand-crafted Beatles Chess Set. It’s the Beatles versus the Blue Meanies in an epic chess battle. How cool is that chess board?!

Got an ugly 500 gallon propane tank sitting in your yard or (octopuses) garden? Give it a whimsical yellow submarine Propane Tank Cover complete with purple propeller.

Awesome 1/5 scale Beatles Yellow Submarine Miniature Handcrafted Guitar. Too bad this isn’t a real playable guitar, that would be sick.

Love the Beatles and fishing? Combine the two with a novelty Yellow Submarine Fishing Lure. Maybe you could catch something in the Sea of Holes.

Great for the bath or pool… tune in to the latest Beatles marathon on a Floating Radio Yellow Submarine.

Here’s some funky colorful keys with Beatles Keys. These are actually key blanks, you need them cut into your key by a locksmith or keymaker.

If you recall the plot of the animated Yellow Submarine movie, it’s about a deaf, dumb and blind kid who plays a mean pinball or something like that. Maybe not, but you can pretend that’s true with a Yellow Submarine Pinball Hand Held Game.

Deck out your Beatles room (what, you don’t have a room just for Beatles memorabilia?) with a Beatles Collectible, Light Switch Covers – 2 plug outlet cover featuring a cartoon image from the London Times.

YS is one of the most psychedelic movies of all time and what could be more groovy than a Yellow Submarine Lava Lamp

Store your jewels or other valuables under the sea in The Beatles Yellow Submarine Limited Edition Jeweled Box. Only 700 were made.

Spice up your day with the Yellow Submarine Salt and Pepper Shaker. The top of the sub lifts off the base and holds the pepper (not Sgt. Pepper!).

And the most unusual Yellow Submarine item of all time? The movie itself!!! Yellow Submarine DVD. Nothing can outweird the original. It’s out of print but still available in the usual places.

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  1. i could not find the dvd and instead bought the vhs tape.
    it was under a dollar.

    i heard that beowolf-animator was going to remake the movie?
    i hope not!

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