Stars Wars Fishing Rod and Tackle Box

star wars fishing rod
Is there anything out there that has not been made into a Star Wars branded product? Probably not. The Star Wars Fishing Rod and Tackle box is perfect for that fisherman out there that has not made his way over to the dark side yet. If the force isn’t working on your fishing, maybe the traditional rod and reel will get that catch. With a lightsaber handle, natch.

I don’t think this is the same fishing rod that world famous Ewok “Wicket” used when he went off on a fishing trip in the Wicket Goes Fishing: An Ewok Adventure book, but then again I haven’t really read the book. Who knew that Ewoks ate fish? Unless Wicket is just a sport fishing Ewok? Catch and release little guy.
ewok fishing book

Buy it at Amazon: Star Wars Fishing Reel and Tackle Box

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