Podium iPhone Holder: Looks Great, Sued by Apple

I had wanted to write about this Podium iPhone stand because it looks great but now they’re in the news for other reasons so this post is bit different than I had originally intended. Apple is suing the parent company– Pivotal because Podium HAS THE LETTERS P-O-D IN IT. That’s right, they are suing over the name “podium” claiming trademark infringement. Ok they are also suing because the mimics recent iMac models and the overall Apple style. A cease and desist order has been issued.

I can see the suit for the style issue but suing over the letters P-O-D in a product called “Podium”, which is essentially a podium for a phone? That’s a bit over the top and heavy-handed on Apple’s part.

Personally I think they look really good, better than anything Apple is offering on this front. The stands are highly adjustable and yes they do look like they would fit nicely in with a desktop that has other stylish Apple products. That said, they are charging quite a bit for this stylish iPhone stand ($68) but if you’re interested in purchasing the Podium, you can use the link below and enter coupon code “revolution” for 20% off! Get them while you still can.

UPDATE: you can no longer buy this! check out other iPhone Stands on Amazon

2 thoughts on “Podium iPhone Holder: Looks Great, Sued by Apple

  1. Fuck Apple, their lawyers, and their overpriced products. I don’t see why people are so obsessed with them. Their style resembles hospital equipment, which coincidentally, is also ridiculously overpriced.

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