iPod Cases made from 45 RPM Records

Talk about an old technology embracing a new technology, these iPod cases made from old 45 RPM records literally do that. Made from a vinyl 45 with a clear plexiglass window and a cork liner, these iPod cases take those old records off the shelf and put them to good use.

Note how the center hole of the record has been lined up exactly with the scroll wheel of the iPod. These cool cases were made by Contexture Design, but unfortunately they are completely sold out of the 45 cases- although they still have (the significantly less exciting) blank cassette tape iPod Nano cases.

4 thoughts on “iPod Cases made from 45 RPM Records

  1. Thats one cool case, its even eco friendly.I can only image where this could go.Makes me want to dig out all those old 45s and even the LPs,I wonder if they take custom orders if I supply the LP/45?

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