Cardboard Radio Review

We got a Cardboard Radio to review and our first thought (and probably yours) was “cardboard?” Yes. Sort of. The mechanical and electrical parts of the radio are made of metal and plastic like a normal radio but the outside is made of eco-friendly recyclable cardboard. Besides the uniqueness factor and clean simple design what makes that cool is that you can draw on or decorate it in any way you want- grab a sharpie, pen, or some stickers and go crazy! But it’s not just a radio…

Despite the name “radio”, this AA battery (included) powered device also works as a speaker for your iPod with the included cord you plug in to the side. It can also be plugged in to an outlet (cord not included). So how does it sound?

To quote my toddler “that’s loud” and “daddy, cows eat grass”. You really can’t argue with either of those points. This thing puts out some decent soundwaves for it’s size (and cows do in fact eat grass) and is relatively clear sounding for it’s size/price. At the end of it’s lifecycle, you can recycle the cardboard.

What I liked about this: the sound levels, portability, iPod connectivity and full customizability of the casing. Didn’t like: no numbers on the radio dial (although you could write them in yourself if you wanted). The Cardboard Radio would make an ideal portable radio for emergency use, teenagers and artistic people who like to customize all their stuff as well as a good gift from a group of people since everyone can write their own message on it. Just $28.95 from Convenient Gadgets.

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