NoPoPo Batteries Run on Your Pee

YesPeePee! The NoPoPo Battery is designed to run on a variety of liquids, including water and urine. These AA batteries are rechargeable by injecting your pee or less disgusting fluid into the center of the battery via the pipette provided. No instructions given on how to fill up the pipette with pee, you’ll have to work that one out yourself. They get their power from a mixture of magnesium and carbon that reacts with the liquid to produces power up to 500 mAh- which is much weaker than a typical battery. So chalk this one up as a novelty for me.

via technabob

6 thoughts on “NoPoPo Batteries Run on Your Pee

  1. i think it is pretty sweet that we would be able to just piss on a battery to recharge it

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