Sleep on the Train Without Missing Your Stop

The train (or bus) is a great place to catch a little nap on your way home from work. The problem is that if you’re sleeping you could easily miss your stop and end up in a bad part of town and more importantly late for dinner. This concept sleeping mask solves that problem by putting your stop right on the mask on an LCD screen. The Japanese designed mask has a message that scrolls and says “I will get off at xxxxx station”. Of course it does rely on other people around you to actually wake you up before your stop which did not happen when the designer took it out for a test ride on the Tokyo subway. I’ve got a simpler and cheaper alternative right here on my desk- it’s a pair of post-its I put over my eyes that says “wake me up at xxxxx station”. Works every time.

via Pink Tentacle

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  1. I really enjoyed this post it was entertaining.I’m not ranking my top ten anymore but I did post this blog as one of the top ten on September 2nd.

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