Make Your Own Snow Globe with the Snow Globe Photo Frame

The problem with most snow globes is that they usually have some crappy tourist trinket in the middle of them. Sure you have your choice of various tourist attractions, scenes and buildings that go in them but really shouldn’t you be able to put something personal in your snow globe? With the Photo Snow Globe you can put any photo you want in the middle of the snowy wonderland. You can change out the picture as often as you’d like- the photos are encased in plastic and stay warm and dry- protected from hand shaken snowstorm inside the globe.

7 thoughts on “Make Your Own Snow Globe with the Snow Globe Photo Frame

  1. So I had an awesome Idea! I love Snowglobes or Water Globes and Collect them.. I told my boyfriend that when he proposes to me I want him to put a ring in the middle of the snowglobe and get on one knee and propose to me by pulling the snowglobe out! Not only is it romantic that way since i collect them but it is also something that I can treasure forever! It doesnt have to have my acutal engagment ring but maybe a cheap knock off diamond ring in the snowglobe!! I think it would be awesome if I could some how get the submited to like Hallmark and they could come up with an awesome Christmas Commerical with the guy proposing with my Idea!

  2. you DO love snowglobes Timberly. sounds like you have it all planned out. maybe you could do it someplace snowy, so it feels like being in a snowglobe.

  3. i was thinking of engaging to my gf with a snowglobe but how would i get the ring into a snowglobe

  4. has photo snowglobes in different shapes and sizes. You might be able to put a small ring in the place where the photo goes.

  5. You can buy a snow globe kit for about $15 at they have the cheap ones at the top of the page but if you scroll dow you will find an actual do-it-yourself glass globe. Hope all of your proposal dreams come true!!!

  6. i just bought this snow globe…but the instructions on how to put the picture inside are facing the wrong way …i dont want to unscrew the actual base , as logic tells me that would not be a good idea…Help please?!

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