Star Trek Shower Curtain

star trek shower curtain
Beam me up, wash me down. Take your shower to the final frontier with this Star Trek TNG Shower Curtain. Picturing the transporter room of the USS Enterprise, this shower curtain is ready to beam you and clean you. Actually it does neither but you can imagine yourself being beamed up while you get cleaned up. If you’re going to be part of the away team, you definitely need to lather up first, right?
star trek transporter shower curtain
Nevermind the fact that there are no bathrooms on the “real” Enterprise, on your homebase there are (hopefully) and they need to be properly outfitted. You wouldn’t want water all over your floor, so you need a shower curtain. And you wouldn’t want some boring solid or plaid curtain. You need something of interest. It’s logical. Make it so.