Wear Your Facebook Status on a Shirt

You know when you pick out a shirt in the morning because you’re really feeling similar to what the shirt says and then halfway through your day after you get pooped on by a bird, miss your train, get the wrong sandwich order at lunch, and your boss says you have to work late the whole week and come in on Saturday too, and now suddenly you’re not really feeling like wearing your unicorn rainbow t-shirt anymore? Well with the Update Me shirt, you can wear your Facebook status right on your sleeve….err chest.

The shirt uses a special “writable area” made of some sort of super mystery material (we’re guessing similar or identical to dry-erase) that is compatible with the included Crayola┬« Washable Markers or other washable markers. Erase and update your shirt status as often as you’d like. Although it might be a little tricky to update it while you’re wearing it, I’m sure you can practice writing upside down. You can even update your real Facebook status to say something like “I’m updating my t-shirt Facebook status right now”. $19.95 each.

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